Friday,04 September,2020
The Covid-19 pandemic is still lasting a long time and not over yet so what should we adjust the travel habit while most countries in the world still arise the Covid-19 infection?
Before the appeared of Covid-19, the travel habit of tourists to go in group from 12 - 25Pax and visit the popular destination with much of guest. Currently,  if we keep this habit, it will increase the risk of infection in society is higher 
With much experience in the travel industry, we recommend some solution to travel safety this period
1. Quantity of group tour:
- Create the group tour less than 10 Pax
- Private tour for the family from 4-8 Pax
2. Select the safe destination (a few guests and a lot of space):
- Vietnam is famous with long coast and islands with a lot of resort will make you feel comfortable and safe with a stay here
- The destination choose and arrange the avoid the peak time and limit to touch with other groups
3. Transportation: 
- We will arrange the private transport to guarantee the safety with professional drivers and guides has been tested regularly
Besides the safety plan, we also prepare some supporting plan about the hygienic and medical as a mask, hand sanitizer or other plans if any problems.
Let contact us to get good information for your schedule as soon as a pandemic is under control. We always accompany you on the journey and always bring to you the best value of the experience.
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